SMHS Staff Programs

Take advantage of one or both of the Spinnaker-SMHS giving programs

SMHS Staff Programs

Take advantage of one or both of the Spinnaker-SMHS giving programs

Spinnaker workplace giving

Employees of the South Metropolitan Health Service have the opportunity to contribute a portion of their pay each cycle to support local medical research at their hospitals.

To those who are already a part of the program: THANK YOU! You are making sure that impactful and transformational research has the opportunity to improve the treatments and outcomes of your patients and the community we serve. Without the support of the SMHS community many of the important research projects granted by Spinnaker each year would not be able to happen.

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation is SMHS’s primary charitable foundation and has been supporting research since 1996. The foundation is based at both Fiona Stanley and Fremantle Hospitals but serves the whole SMHS community. Spinnaker awards up to 15 research grants every year which are selected based on our community and hospital needs. These translational research projects can directly impact the treatments available within your hospital.

How does it work?

For as little as $2.00 each week you can support your patients and your colleagues and make sure that SMHS is at the leading edge of health delivery.

The Spinnaker workplace giving program allows you to make a regular donation in each pay cycle that is recorded on your payslip from SMHS. It is easy and simple and can be stopped at any time.

Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Begin the sign up process by filling out the form below.

Previously named ‘The Freo Doctor Lottery’, SMHS Staff Lottery for Spinnaker has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for research since 1999 and is available to all employees of SMHS.

You can contribute as little as $2 per pay cycle and go in the running to win $500 every fortnight! The best part is that you will be supporting medical research in your workplace and the health of your community. Remember the more you pay the more you play so fill out a form today and sign up for a lottery that you can feel good about! To begin the easy sign up process, please fill out the form below.