Support COVID-19 Research

Support COVID-19 Research

There has perhaps never been a more important and critical role for the research community of Western Australia as now.

Yes, we’ve flattened the curve but this means we have the time and resources available to keep our community safe and support our International neighbours in this fight.

The more we know, the better and safer we can be and there is still so much that we don’t know about this unpredictable virus.

Our researchers agree: we have been overwhelmed with requests for COVID-19 funding and in response, we’ve redirected all of our operations to support, in every way we possibly can, the urgently required research and trials needed here in our hospitals, and out in the community.


How can research help?

At the moment people need confidence. They need to feel confident going back to school, going back to the community, going back to work and even, soon, out to dinner.

Confidence will come through knowing how to fix you when you get sick. The vaccine may happen but it will still be a long way off. Treatment.  It’s the only way we can get WA back to confidence. 

We’ve limited the spread but we need to know the future is also safe and research is the way we’re going to get there.