Can you help us fight?

Can you help us fight?

We need your support to help us fight the diseases that impact us the most.

Our Foundation has a 23 year legacy of funding important research for our community. This year we have received a record number of important projects, and we just can’t fund them all. We need your help to make
sure we can keep our hospitals at the cutting edge of world class research. Because it is research that tells our doctors, nurses and hospital staff how to diagnose you sooner, treat you better and provide the very best ongoing care when you need it the most.

Please, if you can, help us fight disease in our community.

In 2017, we faced a similar situation, and a last minute call for donations from our community ensured we could fund a break through study by Professor Adnan Khattak, head of immunotherapy clinical trials at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Prof Khattak knew that immunotherapy was saving lives for people with melanoma; but not all lives. Only 40-50% of people with melanoma get the maximum benefit of the treatment; many others just endure the debilitating side effects.

With funding from a Spinnaker grant, Prof Khattak discovered a simple blood test that would predict the patients most likely to respond to immunotherapy, as well as monitor them throughout their treatment to ensure it keeps working.

Our seed funding grants give researchers the opportunity to test ideas just like this one, which have the ability to improve the health and well-being of everyone in our community.

Prof Khattak pictured outside Fiona Stanley Hospital

Professor Khattak’s research led to a three year trial at Fiona Stanley Hospital, where patients with melanoma are treated every day. This world first breakthrough has not just helped identify which patients will respond the best, it has saved those who will not from unnecessarily undertaking a treatment program that will have no effect at all. By having the right information available our doctors can make better decisions; and ultimately save more lives.

Your donation could support one of the grants waiting for funding this year, including;

  • Ground breaking research to find cancer faster, meaning a shorter wait for diagnosis and faster treatment options
  • A test to detect organ rejection earlier, giving us the opportunity to intervene and ensure success after transplant
  • Better understand how breast tissue density impacts chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer