Fremantle Diabetes Study Community Forum – Register Now


Fremantle Diabetes Study Community Forum – Register Now

Post by: Spinnaker Foundation
Post on: August 7, 2019

Join Spinnaker Health Research Foundation CEO, Dana Henderson, and South Metropolitan Health Service Chief Executive, Paul Forden to hear more about the significant community-based Fremantle Diabetes Study, commenced 1993.

Hear from Keynote speaker Prof Timothy Davis, medical practitioners and study participants.

WHEN: Thursday 29 August 6:00p.m.
WHERE: Fremantle Library, 70 Parry Street, Fremantle
RSVP: 22 August via the form below

“We started the Fremantle Diabetes Study in 1993 to better understand how to diagnose and manage the disease, but also to understand what the risks are for complications and how we can improve the overall wellbeing of people with diabetes.
Now, after more than 25 years and with the involvement of over 3,000 participants from the Fremantle community, we know so much more. Importantly, so does the rest of the world”

Professor Tim Davis
Chief Investigator Fremantle Diabetes Study Phase I & II, Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist Fremantle Hospital and multiple Spinnaker grant recipient