Post by: Spinnaker Foundation
Post on: June 16, 2020

COVID-19 FUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Spinnaker has committed significant funding for world-leading research by the Australian National Phenome Centre (Murdoch University) in collaboration with University of Cambridge which will help us better understand the pathway to recovery for COVID-19 positive patients, here and in the UK, including long-term, life-impacting disease risks. 
Early studies already indicate onset of diabetes, damage to the heart, lungs and vascular system and understanding more will allow us to mitigate sooner.

At Spinnaker, we believe we have a moral responsibility to extend exceptional support in a time of exceptional need. This is the largest single gift the Foundation has ever made and we are proud to be in a position to respond to our local and global community as part of our mission to protect and heal. To join Spinnaker in the support of Coronavirus research click here


See the official media release below the image.

Pictured above Prof Jeremy Nicholson, ANPC Director and Dana Henderson, CEO Spinnaker HRF


FINAL 20200616 - Major research partnership launched _ final