$557,292 for dedicated health research for the South Metropolitan Community

Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiology and Mental Health are major health issues confronting the Perth’s Community

$557,292 for dedicated health research for the South Metropolitan Community

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Post on: December 5, 2016

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation has awarded 15 research grants to a total of $557,292 for dedicated health research for the South Metropolitan Community. Recognition of these awards was made at the Foundation’s Annual Award’s Event on 28th of November 2016 at Little Creatures Brewery.

The Foundation’s Chairman, Mark Balfour says: “This year has been a big year for our Foundation, not only because we have celebrated our 20th Anniversary, but also as we have renamed Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation to Spinnaker Health Research Foundation and widened the scope of our charitable work. As a part of 20th anniversary celebration, Spinnaker Health Research Foundation has awarded four research grants of $100,000 each to research groups conducting research into important health issues such as diabetes, prenatal health, heart disease and cancer. This is the first time that the Foundation has awarded such significant amounts into individual research projects.”

The Spinnaker Collaborative Partnership Grants which have a total value of $396,689 are:

  • Chief investigator Prof Tim Davis (Prof D.G Bruce, A/Prof W.A. Davis,  Prof. M.K. Bulsara, Dr. P.G Fegan, Prof. J. Finn) – “Hypoglycaemia in adults with diabetes: incidence, cost and novel preventive strategies.”
  • Chief investigator Prof Megan Galbally (A/Prof A. Lewis, Ms D. Kristianopulos, Dr J Spencer, Dr T. Nguyen)- “South Metropolitan Pregnancy and Emotional Wellbeing Study”
  • Chief investigator Dr Warren Pavey (A/Prof L. Hool, A/Prof K.M. Ho, Dr. A. Raisis, Adjunct Prof. R. Larbalestier) – “Supercooled Storage for Extended Preservation of Hearts – a rodent model”
  • Chief investigator A/Prof Adnan Khattak (Dr S Bowyer, Prof. M. Millward, Prof. M. Ziman, Dr E. Gray) – “Blood based biomarkers predictive of treatment efficacy in metastatic melanoma.”

Moreover, the Foundation has also awarded annual research awards to 11 researchers. Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee Prof Hugh Barrett says: “This funding is extremely important, as it allows researchers to explore scientific ideas, which can make a significant difference to our lives and to the lives of our family and friends”.

The 11 annual research awards with a total value of $160,603 are:

  • Chief Investigator: Dr F Dane (A/Prof C Judkins) – “Identifying the difference between the “broken heart syndrome” and an acute heart attack”.
  • Chief Investigator: Dr E J Hamilton – “Do patients with type 2 diabetes and foot ulcers have problems with memory and self-care?’.
  • Chief Investigator: Dr A Domenichini – “The effects of too much iron in the heart”.
  • Chief Investigator: Dr O J Duncan – “The effect of pentoxifylline on impaired iron availability for making blood in patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF)”.                                                            
  • Chief Investigator: Dr S A Koek – “An analysis of the implementation of a fast track pathway for perioperative care for patients undergoing a pancreaticoduodenectomy procedure”.
  • Chief Investigator: Dr C R Lim (Prof P J Yates) – “Rehabilitation of humerus injuries non-operatively and their outcomes (RHINO) Study”.
  • Chief Investigator: A/Prof W A Davis – “A Contemporary cardiovascular risk calculator for Australians with type 2 diabetes”.
  • Chief Investigator: Prof B B Yeap (A/Prof N Lenzo, Dr B F Kennedy and Prof D J Green) – “New methods to detect “good” fat that protects against obesity”.
  • Chief Investigator: Dr S Young ( A/Prof C Judkins, Prof B B Yeap) – “Using genetic information to improve identification of men and women at risk of heart disease in WA”.
  • Chief Investigator: A/Prof A J Maiorana (W/Prof D J Green Dr A Shah) – “A randomised, controlled trial of water-based exercise training in people with stable coronary heart disease”.
  • Chief Investigator: Dr D Purtill (Dr M Wright, Dr P Cannell, Dr J Cooney) – “Use of a simple home breathing test to detect lung complications after blood stem cell transplant”.

Mr Balfour adds: ‘“Congratulations to each of the researchers who were successful in attracting award grants. I wish them all the best in their research work and reporting and I look forward to the high prospects of great outcomes progressively in the years ahead,”

“Spinnaker Health Research Foundation also thanks the Foundation’s supporters who make this Annual Awards Night a memorable event and all the Foundation’s sponsors and friends for their ongoing support. Spinnaker Health Research Foundation currently receives no direct government funding. Instead, we have relied and continue rely on the support and generosity of local businesses and the community generally.”

The Spinnaker Health Research Foundation has funded more than 220 health research projects over the past 20 years and invested over $3 million primarily in medical research grants, PhD scholarships and research equipment acquisition. It has also hosted national & international orators and visiting fellows who have passed on their valuable knowledge and experiences to Western Australian researchers.

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