Annual Awards Ceremony

A celebration of the 2019 Spinnaker grant recipients

Annual Awards Ceremony

Post by: Spinnaker Foundation
Post on: December 19, 2018

Photography by Michael Bain

At the Annual Awards Ceremony on December 3, Spinnaker presented ten research grants, three travel awards and one PhD scholarship totalling $155,000.  The grants and awards were made possible through the support of donors and sponsors who generously underpin the work of the Foundation.

Spinnaker CEO Dana Henderson said the Awards Ceremony was an important event that brought researchers together with members of the community who share a vision for impactful and translational research.

“Our funders, which include members of the business and private community, as well as the medical and general staff of Fremantle and Fiona Stanley Hospitals, have a common belief in the importance of research that leads to better outcomes for our patients, and in turn, the community. “

“This year the quality of the applications was of an incredibly high standard we are so pleased to be able support the important work that is happening here at SMHS” Dana said.

The grants and awards will support projects that include burn scarring, childhood obesity, cardiovascular risks and the potential for tablet computers to be used as distraction therapy during procedures.

The Foundation, which was established in 1996 as the Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation, became Spinnaker Health Research Foundation in 2016 when it partnered with the Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group.  Since 1996 it has distributed almost $4 million in grants which in turn has been leveraged to achieve total grant funding of almost $20 million in support of projects and trials which have a demonstrable impact for the south metropolitan community.


2019 Spinnaker Grants

ProjectChief InvestigatorsSupporters
Preserving the endothelial glycocalyx in patients undergoing
cardiopulmonary bypass. A prospective randomised interventional pilot study of doxycycline and lidocaine.
Dr Mark Johnson
Dr Adrian Pannekoek
Generously donated by the Rotary Club of Fremantle
A pilot study of healthy volunteers to compare the performance
of standard nasal oxygen cannula at high flows with the “Optiflow” high flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) system.
Dr Gary Devine
Dr Mark Johnson
Generously donated by Doctors Who Donate and Staff that Support
Pilonidal Sinus Disease: Western Australia Metropolitan -
Definitive Surgical Practice Preferences, Outcomes and Patient Perspective
Dr Munya NyandoroGenerously donated by Fremantle Hospital Ladies Auxiliary
Utilisation of FISH as a diagnostic adjunct for
pancreatobiliary tract malignancy on cytology cell block specimens
Dr Benjamin Dessauvagie
Dr Chris Van Vliet
Dr Alina Miranda
Generously donated and presented by Lloyd and Mary Marchesi
Cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk factors in children who
are overweight or obese: Assessing the role ofcardiorespiratory fitness and adiposity.
A/Prof Timothy Fairchild
Dr Janine Spencer
Ms Allison Climie-Holmes
Ms Stephanie Dowden
Prof Niels Wedderkopp
Generously donated by Austal Company and Staff
Blocking of autoantibodies using oligonucleotides in
Inclusion Body Myositis – a potential new specific therapy.
Dr Jerome Coudert
Prof Merrilee Needham
Dr Rakesh Veedu
Prof Sue Fletcher
Dr Chris Bundell
Dr Anna Brusch
Generously donated by Freo Doctor Lottery
Clarifying the role of alpha1-adrenoceptors in painful
cutaneous scars following burn injury
Dr Natalie Morellini
Prof Eric Visser
Prof Peter Drummond
Generously donated by Dave Clegg
Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy: truly a syndrome of cardiac
catecholamine excess?
Prof Girish Dwived
Prof Markus Schlaich
Dr James Rankin
A/Prof Roslyn Francis
Generously donated by Len and Fran Mihaljevich
Cardiovascular risk in goutDr Helen Keen
Prof Girish Dwivedi
Dr Kelly Morgan
Dr Dipen Sankhesara
Generously donated by Attadale Rotary Club
Association of HLA with anti-cN1A antibodies in IBM patients:
identifying genetic backgrounds that affect
Prof Merrilee Needham
Dr Jerome Coudert
Dr Chris Bundell
A/Prof Abha Chopra
Dr Anna Brusch
Generously donated by Stan and Jean Perron

Barry Marshall Travel Award 2018

ProjectChief Investigators
Does electrical stimulation improve healing in acute burns, as measured by bioimpedance?Mr Dale Edwick
At the fingertips: The effects of child-led distractin using a tablet computer on children's
distress an pain during painful medical procedures: a randomised controlled trial
Ms Jade Ferullo
Shear-wave elastography: A new objective method for evaluating scar stiffnessMs Helen DeJong

Patricia V Kailis PhD Scholarship

Generousy donated by MG Kailis Group, Notre Dame University and Spinnaker Health Research Foundation
ProjectChief Investigators
Preliminary Validation Of Sheer Wave Elastography In The Diagnostic Evaluation of Inflammatory MyopathiesDr Shereen Paramalingam,
Rheumatology Senior Registrar