Announcing Spinnaker Health Research Foundation

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Announcing Spinnaker Health Research Foundation

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Post on: August 15, 2016

Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation, which has invested more than $3 million in 200 research projects and scholarships, celebrates its 20th anniversary and re-branding as Spinnaker Health Research Foundation on 3rd of August at the Western Australia Maritime Museum in Fremantle.

Foundation Chairman, Mark Balfour, has announced “We are excited to introduce to you all the re-branded Foundation now known as ‘Spinnaker Health Research Foundation’ and to the enormous prospects that exist for this re-defined charity.

The name Spinnaker has numerous connotations which are synonymous with the Foundation; its history and its future. We chose to name our health research foundation after this iconic sail as it symbolises the tireless energy of medical researchers, who are continually moving forward, racing to find answers and make breakthroughs in their quest to improve the health of our community”.

General Manager of the Foundation, Russell McKenney, observed that ‘The mainstream of medical research undertaken by the Foundation over the past 20 years has changed quite dramatically and we need an additional form to drive the necessary changes in the Foundation’s focus and profile’.

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation has initially established two sub-funds which are Fremantle Hospital Health Research Fund to be focussed upon health research conducted at, or affiliated with, Fremantle Hospital; and Southern Health Research Fund through which the broader scope of community based health research will be conducted.

Mr Balfour was also enthusiastic in expressing that “Today we are also announcing a third and new sub-fund which is Fiona Stanley Hospital Health Research Fund. Based out of Fiona Stanley Hospital, this newly created fund supports the work of researchers, medical staff, nursing staff and allied health professionals with a direct relationship to that hospital. The focus of this fund shall be upon medical research that directly benefits patients, staff of Fiona Stanley Hospital and the broader community”.

Moreover as a part of our 20th anniversary celebration Spinnaker Health Research Foundation are also awarding four research grants of $100,000 each to conduct research into such important health issues for the South Metropolitan Community as diabetes, prenatal health, heart disease and cancer. This is the first time that the Foundation has awarded such a significant amount into individual research projects.

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