2023 Grants

2023 Grants

Congratulations to our 2023 Grant Recipients!




Predicting liver cancer risk to improve early detection and patient outcomes

Dr Rodrigo Carlessi

Research Fellow,

Curtin University

Len and Fran Mihaljevich & David Clegg

Development of a new blood test to identify high risk multiple myeloma

Ms Sarah Clarke

Medical Scientist - PathWest,

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Austal Company and Staff

Improving bone mineral density estimation from DXA scans of the forearm using AI techniques -facilitating early screening for osteoporosis

Dr Ashu Gupta

Medical Oncology Consultant, Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fremantle Hospital Ladies Auxiliary

A new method of detecting whether medications used in heart failure patients can damage the heart itself

Ms Rebecca Hahn

Cardiothoracic Research Nurse, Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fewster Family

Comparing the efficacy of intravenous antibiotics to those given through the bone in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr Dror Maor

Orthopaedic Surgeon,


SMHS Staff giving for Spinnaker Grant

Improving outcomes for patients with myelofibrosis receiving bone marrow transplant treatment

Dr Duncan Purtill

Consultant Physiologist - Haematology, Fiona Stanley Hospital

The Rotary Club of Fremantle and Attadale

Use finger-prick testing to check blood levels of methotrexate of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr Chanakya Sharma

Consultant - Rheumatology, Fiona Stanley Hospital

The City of Cockburn

Comprehensive Understanding of the effects of inflammation during Pregnancy and early life on Infant immune Development (CUPID) study

Shailender Mehta

Consultant Paediatric Neonatologist, Fiona Stanley Hospital

The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation




  Barry Marshall Travel Award

Ms Kathryn Watson

Physiotherapist, Fiona Stanley Hospital,

Professor Barry Marshall AC and Mrs Adrienne Marshall & Business Events Perth

Nicholas Way Fund

For Early Career Researc

Dr Tess Evans

Advanced Trainee Registrar - Intensive Care Unit, Fiona Stanley Hospital

Professor Sue Fletcher AO FAHMS