Investing in research and innovation to make our hospitals the very best in Australia.


In 2022 Spinnaker will proudly launch The Spinnaker Prize, an annual award to fund an innovative and trailblazing solution to some of our most complex medical needs.

The annual prize of $100,000 will fund a project at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Fremantle Hospital or Rockingham General Hospital that has the potential to change the way we do medicine; innovate diagnosis, treatment and care; and improve health for all West Australians.

Through research and innovation we know we can make our hospitals the best in Australia.

You are invited to help to support a $1,000,000 fund that will be a game-changer in public health care and save the lives of our loved ones.  Spinnaker has committed $250,000 to the prize and we are now calling on the community to generously support our million-dollar target. 



Our Hospitals

South Metropolitan Perth is home to some of Australia’s exceptional hospitals, including WA’s largest and most technologically advanced tertiary health campus, Fiona Stanley Hospital.

These hospitals are well equipped to care for our community at every stage of life, from conception to old age, and employ the very best staff who deliver excellence in care to the local community and to all West Australians who may require specialist care when they are at their most vulnerable.

With world-class doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners, the South Metropolitan Health Service medical staff are driven to find evidence-based solutions that result in better health outcomes for our loved ones.

For 25 years, Spinnaker has been guided by the health needs and issues of the community and has sought to bridge the gaps in translational medical research by supporting young investigators tackling unsolved challenges with new thinking. The health issues that matter to our loved ones, to our families and to Western Australia form the bedrock for the projects that Spinnaker supports. 

We have been successful in this mission since 1996 due to the generosity of our donors and to our strong partnerships with the hospitals of south metropolitan Perth.

The Spinnaker Prize builds on the legacy of the past 25 years and ambitiously seeks to position our hospitals as leaders in Australian health care, respected throughout the world for the visionary application of new solutions to critical health needs.

You can be part of the solution

To enable ground-breaking projects that provide maximum impact we need your help to reach the $1,000,000 target that will make an impactful change for our community to deliver this of this inspirational and interventionist award.

Your support will help enable access to a $100,000 a year to test a theory , develop a technology or implement an innovation that changes the way we care for the health of our community

Please support us today in our mission and make a tax-deductible donation here.

As our community grows, our community health needs grow.

Making a commitment to support early-stage research, transformational equipment and trailblazing projects helps ensure that our hospitals can continue to foster innovations that improve the health of our loved ones.

Every gift makes a valuable impact.