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Grant top ups for recipients of Spinnaker Early Career Research Grants

The Nicholas Way Fund has been established to support the recipients of a Spinnaker Early Career Research grant, providing additional top-up funds to ensure the success of their research project.  The annual fund will offer four grants of (up to) $5,000 to support the extension of a Spinnaker grant to achieve completion where the project needs have exceeded the initial budget; or to support the costs of open access publication of the grant outcome; or to meet unanticipated costs of a project where these costs will impede the successful completion of the research; or in any other way deemed appropriate to the support of an early career researcher in ensuring the success of their research funded by Spinnaker.

This generous fund has been established via a gift from Professor Sue Fletcher who is passionate about creating successful pathways for early career researchers.  Applications can be made in writing, addressed to the CEO of Spinnaker HRF, at any time before June 30 2022 and must clearly demonstrate:

  • The initial grant awarded inclusive of a comprehensive project status report and budget to date
  • Budget of requested funds
  • A clear statement of need for the top up fund
  • Endorsement of the request by the project Mentor/s
  • A revised project overview to indicate how the additional funds will be applied
  • A review of project timelines if current grant deadlines are to be exceeded
  • A final acquittal of all grant funding, including the top up grant

All applications will be reviewed by Prof Fletcher and the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee, with the decision made jointly and communicated to the Spinnaker CEO.  The grant will be subject to the final discretion of Spinnaker HRF to ensure the research project is compliant with the grant funding objectives of the Foundation.

* Please note that The Nick Way Fund will be awarded solely at their discretion of the committee and Spinnaker retains the right to not expend all funds should suitable applications not be received. Unallocated funds may be carried in to the next financial year for distribution. All decisions by the committee are final and will not be subject to dispute or negotiation.

About Nicholas Way

Nicholas Way has enjoyed a successful international media career, having been inspired as a teenager to apply his love of writing as a journalist.  After some initial training, Nicholas wrote for the Busselton Margaret River Times for four years and became the Chief of Staff for GWN before heading overseas to South Africa for his first international assignment. Securing employment with Channel 10 in WA, Nicholas spent many years reporting locally and from Indonesia, Thailand, India, Singapore and South Africa, including covering the Bali bombings in 2002.  His work resulted in the esteemed WA Clarion Prize and the National Prize for the Federal Government.  In 2012 Nicholas established his own business, continuing to produce pieces for television and advising the WA State Government.

In 2019 Nicholas was diagnosed with Motor Neurons Disease and came under the care of Dr Merrilee Needham who works closely with Prof Sue Fletcher to better understand inflammatory disease.  Sue who continues to be inspired by Nicholas’ tenacity in the face of the adverse effects of the disease, and his motivation to continue his career and passions, and established this Fund to honour that drive and encourage early researchers to commit to their passion and purpose.  This fund will assist previous recipients of Spinnaker Early Career Research Grants to overcome their own adversity in achieving the goals they set themselves in kick-starting their research careers.

Nicholas continues to work in media and communications and is an active fundraiser for medical research.

To download the application form below, hover over and click on the ‘download pdf’ button, two icons in from the right on the top bar.