2021 Grants and Travel Awards – Update June 2020

The interruption to the way the Foundation could and would normally conduct our day to day business has been significantly impacted.  There have also been other matters that we have had to consider in terms of running the usual round of competitive grants that the Foundation offers each year to Seed Research and Early Career Research (ECR).  The conflation of internal and external factors has resulted in a decision to not to offer the traditional grant rounds for 2021 as we were not able to guarantee that the process would be as rigorous, compliant, effective and efficient as it needs to be ensure the highest possible standards would be applied.  It is with great regret that this decision has been made and it was a decision that is the result of careful examination and consideration by the Executive and Trustee Directors. We understand this will be disappointing to many of our WA research community and we want to reassure you that this is a temporary circumstance.  We remain committed to assisting you where we possibly can and encourage you to contact us at any time if there is a particular project that you have that is time critical.  We have worked with many projects outside of the grant round to assist in attracting exceptional donations and to also advocate to other funders for financial support.  It is our intent to grow this area of support and to be an advocate for all of the exceptional work that is happening in south metropolitan Perth for the benefit of the patients in our hospitals.  

The Barry Marshall Travel Awards remain suspended until there is greater clarity in regard to travel restrictions and mass gatherings.  It appears likely that the restrictions in Australia may soon be lifted and at the appropriate time we will reassess our capacity to offer further competitive rounds for domestic awards if it is appropriate and safe to do so.  We look forward to sharing further updates with you at the right time.  

Spinnaker Support for COVID-19 Research
Following extensive consultation with the research community in WA, as well as State Government and WAHTN, the Board of Spinnaker have made an exceptional grant in support of research that we believe will have a profoundly impactful benefit for our local and global community.  The grant will support a 3-year study to examine the recovery of Covid-19 positive patients here in WA and in the UK via collaboration between the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC) and the School of Medicine at the University of Cambridge.  The samples from Cambridge will build upon the comprehensive data collected from West Australian patients as part of the SMHS Covid Research Response and will seek to examine the short and long term impacts of infection to help us better understand life-long risk and mitigate these risks where we possibly can.  This grant reflects the Foundations commitment to the health and wellbeing of our community and the Boards desire to act upon the moral responsibility of the Foundation at a time of unprecedented risk.  This is a one-off circumstance that will not impact further years commitments to our Seed and ECR grants and is a gift that we are exceptionally proud to make.  

In addition to the direct goals of the project the gift agreement between Spinnaker and the ANPC is for a comprehensive commitment to ECR opportunities as the project evolves and develops and we look forward to bringing news of such opportunities to you in due course.  

How can we support you and your work?
There are many ways in which Spinnaker can support your research at this time including via management of gift agreements with external funders for specific projects; assistance in the development of collaborative partnerships; advocacy for funding for exceptional projects; and management of gifts from external funders for your research as we are able to hold funds in trust for your specific needs.  We are also able to promote the good work you are doing and are always keen to hear your stories and those of your patients so we can continue to build the profile of exceptional work here in south metro Perth.  Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team at any time and as we are now back on campus at both FSH and Fremantle we encourage to drop by the office at any time.  

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation Grant Summary

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation is committed to the support of research for the direct benefit of the community of south metropolitan Perth that can also demonstrate local, national and global leadership. Established in 1996 at Fremantle Hospital the Foundation has funded almost $4,000,000 in research at Fremantle Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital and at universities and institutes with a direct link to our community.

Our grant-making strategy is focused on improving the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients in the hospitals we support and the prevention of disease for improved community health.  At Spinnaker we strive to:

  • Support research that responds to the identified needs of the south metropolitan community of Perth, Western Australia
  • Support and inspire research with demonstrable translation to clinical practice
  • Improve patient outcomes across all areas of disease and injury
  • Support research for the prevention of chronic health conditions
  • Provide opportunities for the translation of knowledge for the benefit of all members of the community


A commitment to capacity building, research collaboration and the translation of research to both knowledge and practice underpins the ethos of Spinnaker Health Research Foundation. Spinnaker grants aim to assist researchers in becoming more competitive for national and international funding and since 1996 the grants we have awarded have been leveraged to achieve a further $20,000,000 in project funding.

There will be two grant pools offered in 2020, Early Career Research and Seed Grants, with multiple grants awarded in each category to a maximum of $15,000 each.  In exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Board of Trustee Directors of Spinnaker Health Research Foundation, and upon advice of the Scientific Advisory Committee, projects of a higher value may be considered.


Early Career Research grants are offered to encourage people at the beginning of their career to undertake a research project for the benefit of prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of health conditions.


Seed Grants are our commitment to funding research that seeks to test a theory, explore a new idea or prepare a project for a larger funding application.