Working to improve organ donation in Western Australia

In 1994 the WA Heart & Lung Transplant Service was established and critically ill patients no longer moved interstate while they waited for life-saving surgery. Since then, more than 391 lives have been saved by organs selflessly given by those who understood that they were making the most generous gift of all.

Yet so many precious hearts and lungs go to waste, and each year lives continue to be lost.

In 2013 a team of dedicated doctors established the Heart & Lung Research Institute WA (HLRI) to improve both the incidence and success of heart and lung transplantation in WA. HLRI are committed to the improvement of heart and lung health of all West Australians and know that it is only by asking the question ‘how can we do better?’ that they will achieve this.

The HLRI Team. Photo By: Russell Ord Photography

“To donate an organ is an act of exceptional generosity and a life-saving procedure for those with end organ failure. As the world’s most isolated city, donors and recipients in Perth face the unique challenge of overcoming the issues associated with long travel times and transplant organ viability. Much research is being done to overcome this.”

– Dr Lisa Alarcon, Consultant Anaesthetists, Fiona Stanley Hospital and HLRI Member

In 2019, 80,000 Australians died in Hospital. Only 2% could be considered for organ donation.

548 donors gave the most precious gift to 1,444 grateful and critically ill patients.

50% of organ transplants fail within 5 – 10 years. Organ transplant is a treatment, not a cure.

What will you do for the 1600 Australians currently waiting for their chance at a new life?

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