Celebrating Fremantle Hospital’s 125th Anniversary

Celebrating Fremantle Hospital’s 125th Anniversary

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation is looking for local artists of all ages to help celebrate two significant birthdays. The people of Fremantle are invited to design an artwork that celebrates the Foundations 25 year legacy of funding health research at the 125 year old Fremantle Hospital. 

The winning image will be published as a card for purchase and distributed to local shops in Fremantle, with 40 cents of the proceeds of the sale donated to one of 6 main focus areas-

Early Career Research and Seed Funding

Family Health

Men’s Health

Melanoma Research

Aboriginal Health

Education & Advocacy.

The winning entry will also feature on the cover of the Foundation’s 25 Year Anniversary edition Annual Report. 

People from the Fremantle community – all ages, all abilities and who recognise the incredible role of the Fremantle Hospital in our community – are welcome to apply. This initiative fosters our local emerging art talent and raises funds for vital medical research.


In 2021 Spinnaker Health Research Foundation entered its 25th year and celebrated a legacy of funding medical research that has had a profound impact on the practice of medicine and the health of our community. 2022 heralds a new chapter in our 25 year history as we embark on an expanded program of support for public health that seeks to ensure our hospitals are counted amongst the very best in the world and seeks to ensure equitable access to the very best health care for every member of the community. 

Fremantle Hospital has its history entwined in the local community. 

The original hospital was housed in a two storied residence called The Knowle, which was built in 1856 by convict labour using stone quarried from the prison grounds. 

The Knowle became Fremantle Public Hospital in January 1897 when it opened with 52 beds. 

By 1900, two additional wards and an operating theatre were needed and subsequent additions of medical, surgical, community and paediatric wards were introduced to meet the health needs of the community. 

In the years that followed, further additions were built at Fremantle Hospital including the Ron Doig Block in 1934 and the William Wauhop Wing in 1960. The Princess of Wales Wing opened in 1976 facing South Terrace and has become one of the area’s most identifiable buildings. 

In 1985, Woodside Maternity Hospital was incorporated into Fremantle Hospital and Health Service (FHHS). In 2006, services transferred from that hospital to the newly acquired Kaleeya Hospital. Woodside Maternity Hospital is no longer in use and Kaleeya Hospital closed in 2014. 

The Foundation was established in 1996 as the Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation, providing small grants to clinical researchers at the hospital, including Prof Barry Marshall who received a joint Nobel Prize in 2012. Entirely funded by the generous donors of our community, the 

Foundation now awards more than $250,000 each year to projects that respond to the critical needs of the community of south metropolitan Perth. 

Fremantle Hospital (FH) became a specialist hospital in February 2015 following the closure of its Emergency Department and transfer of its main tertiary services to Fiona Stanley Hospital. In 2016 the Foundation expanded its support to Fiona Stanley Hospital, re-naming to Spinnaker to reflect the colourful sails often seen in Fremantle Harbour. 

The history of Fremantle Hospital is not merely an account of a proliferation of buildings, it is the stories of the local community. The community of Fremantle are now invited to add their own unique voice to that storyline by commemorating this significant milestone in an artwork that captures what the hospital means to the harbour town and the important research that has taken place there for decades. 

The City Of Fremantle have been a long term partner of Spinnaker Health Research Foundation, and are promoting the community project competition through their communication channels. 

Artwork Brief

To design an artwork that celebrates Fremantle Hospital’s role in the Fremantle community.

The artwork designs will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity and originality
  2. Quality of artistic composition 


All two-dimension visual mediums welcome including painting, drawing, prints and photography. The artwork will be printed on C6 or A5

Artist Fee:

The competition is for non-professional artists and for anyone in the Fremantle community and surrounding areas of Fremantle.         

There is no artist fee however, the image will be distributed, promoted and used as creative content for Spinnaker Health Research Foundation’s Annual Review front cover and the winner will have key decision making when choosing a key area for medical research.                   

Selection process: see artwork brief. 

Submission requirement:

Interested community members are encouraged to submit a short 300 word max text about the artwork and your and the artworks relationship to Fremantle Hospital, and one image of the artwork (include file format preference such as JPG  and no larger than 20 MB)

Name, Address, Age,

Email your application by 6pm on 20/08/22 to Admin@spinnakerhealth.org.au   

Time Frame:             

EOI submission deadline – 30/07/22

Selection artwork- 22/08/22

Contract signed- 12/09/22

Cards printed- 02/10/22

Promotion of project- 30/05/22


Email your application by 6pm on 30/07/22 to Admin@spinnakerhealth.org.au

Questions can be directed to:

Sarah Taylor Partnership Development Manager



Spinnaker Health Research Foundation